25 Men's Fashion Hacks You Need to Know

Here are a list of fashion hacks that will make your life a little easier

When it comes to fashion, it seems like we always want more, more, more. We're here to remind you that it's about quality, not quantity. Most guys don't have the time to do a major overhaul so we have a few grooming tips and fashion hacks on how to get the most out of what you purchase or what you may already own. Read on for 25 fashion hacks you need in your life.

  1. Throw out old clothes

    It seems so simple but clearing out your wardrobe of old, worn out clothes makes room for new ones. It also stops you from going back to old favourites and encourage you to try new styles. Check out Melissa’s video on closet clean up.

    mens-closet-clean-upPhoto credit: Closet Maid

  2. Get a hair cut

    Get a new or versatile hair cut.


  3. Avoid floppy collars

    Be wary of floppy collars! Using collar stays will ensure dress shirts look crisp.

    stiff-collars V1_AB06635MS_grande 2
    (Left) Photo credit: The Times UK – (Right) Wurkin Stiffs Power Stays $45

  4. Take care of your clothes

    Clothes are an investment and say a lot about you. Take care of your clothes with proper laundering, dry cleaning and storage.

    Clothing-Care-Labels-Symbols-2Photo credit: Priceless Drycleaners

  5. Purchase an iron/steamer

    While you're at it, get an iron or better yet, a steamer. It may take up a little extra time but wrinkly shirts look frumpy and distract from your entire outfit. Business Insider has a great article on the right way to iron a shirt.

    the-right-way-to-iron-a-dress-shirtPhoto credit: Business Insider

  6. Try new accessories

    Don't be afraid to try new accessories like bracelets and rings. The smallest details can change and upgrade an outfit.

    Vitaly Kunai Pendant Necklace $50

  7. Use a simple leather wallet

    We work hard for our money so let's keep it in a clean, simple leather wallet. Avoid stuffing receipts and too many cards in it as it can get bulky.

    W465-H510-27192_MENS-WALLET-TEDBAKER-TB-XA4M-XW19-FW14-1 2ca-Mens-Accessories-Wallets-WARHOLL-Small-printed-bi-fold-wallet-Tan-XS5M_WARHOLL_27-TAN_3

  8. Get manicures

    Getting manicures isn't exactly about being pampered or having a spa day. It means having your nails trimmed and cleaned. A hand massage is usually included which helps as we use our hands all day.

    Gentlemen’s Hardware Manicure Set

  9. Travel pack properly

    Save time and space when travelling by learning how to pack properly. Certain fabrics pack better by being wrinkle resistant and bags like Hook + Albert’s are designed with travel in mind. It has a built-in garment bag and slots for shoes.

    Hook & Albert Saffiano Leather Garment Weekender: $639

  10. Invest in a timeless watch

    A classic watch that goes with any outfit can elevate a look instantly. It's a good idea to invest in a quality watch that can last years.


  11. Maintain facial hair

    Keep facial hair neat and trimmed. A small detail in grooming can make a huge difference.


  12. Make sure you have your 10 essentials

    A solid foundation is crucial for building your wardrobe. With these ten pieces in your closet, you can mix and match for all necessary events and start to add variety.


  13. Invest in a pair of essential dress shoes

    Purchase a pair of essential dress shoes that are classic and timeless. It can go with a variety of outfits from going out to social parties to business meetings.


  14. Learn to layer

    It's a technique that can extend your wardrobe and create different looks.


  15. Invest in a well fitted half canvas suit

    Have a suit that actually fits. This is a big one because a well-fitted suit can go a long way. If made-to-measure is not within your budget, no worries, get your suit tailored off the rack. Old suits can also be renewed by taking it to a tailor.

    Photo credit: Evolution of Style

  16. Wear cologne

    A signature scent can make you feel like a whole new man. But remember, less is more.

    Photo credit: Ask Men

  17. Upgrade your backpack or briefcase

    If a backpack or briefcase is what you carry and use everyday, make it an investment. Not only is it worth it for durability, it becomes an item that everyone associates you with. Choose one that matches your identity.


  18. Upgrade your old shoe laces

    Get more milage out of your oxfords with laces from Stolen Riches.


  19. Add a pop of colour

    Adding colour can be intimidating but start with something small and build it into your routine. We suggest starting with your tie, pocket square, lapel pin or shirt.

    SAM_0223~3IMG_1283 2

  20. Upgrade your old socks

    It’s the first thing you put on in the morning so start it fresh. For low sneakers and the barefoot look, get yourself some no show socks.


  21. Update your glasses

    Glasses frame your face and certain styles can give you a completely different look. There are plenty of websites that you can get custom shades for budget prices like Warby Parker.

    Photo credit: Warby Parker

  22. Have a tailor

    Having your own tailor is a sign of manhood. A tailor can fix buttons and zippers, take in clothes, hem pants, etc. All these details matter when you want to make a good impression. Click the photo for a list of reasons why you should have your own tailor.

    wze2ir34th_45e4077c_0e75_b268_14b7_b9c30d128221 copyPhoto credit: Express Tailor

  23. Learn to wear a scarf

    Adding a scarf as an accessory is an easy update to a basic t-shirt. Rock a waistcoat or a leather jacket with it and you've got a celeb worthy look.

    oTTo mens-style-scarf
    (Left) Photo credit: Upscale Hype (Right) Photo credit: Pinterest

  24. Hire a stylist

    Gotstyle offers free personal styling services. Drop in either location or make an appointment info@gotstyle.ca.


  25. Buy clothes that are double duty

    Buy pieces that can do double duty. The jersey blazer is a piece you can pair casually with Zanerobe's to brunch, or dress up and paired with a button down for nights on the town.


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