007 Style Secrets

A topic on “men’s style” and “icons” wouldn’t be complete without “007”.

After 40 years of traveling through the perilous adventures of Britain’s ultimate spy, lots can be learned not just by James Bond’s classic consistency, but by each Bond actor’s own individual style. Esquire captures each moment in Style Secrets to Steal from 40 Years of James Bond.

It Starts With a Tuxedo


When we think of James Bond, we think of the tux. Over nearly four decades, more than five men have worn formalwear with the ease of a t-shirt, each adding their own edition of the classic. Time has passed: Cuff links, cummerbunds, and studs have been added and removed, and it’s Bond’s tailored looks that still stand out. But the tuxedo is just the beginning of that. In more than 20 movies, we’d venture the iconic character has gone through more costume changes that any other film star. From that, there’s much to learn. But let’s start with five iconic looks, all from different Bonds (and eras), that you should add to your wardrobe now as soon as you master the tux, of course.

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