Vintage Key Crystal Ball Charms Locket Necklace

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A ONE THING value statement is found in every locket.

Each locket also comes with 3 extra blank papers you can write on—an empowering statement, a hope, a wish, or your own ONE THING you want to work on.

Each locket is made from vegan, non-allergenic, quality materials sourced from artisans around the world. No semi-precious or precious stones are used so to be a little less harmful to the Earth and to avoid all conflict gems. Instead, man-made crystals that are still made ethically in the Czech Republic and Europe are used.

This necklace is 81cm / 32in long. It can easily be shortened because of the Ball Chain Clasp at the back. You can cut the chain at any length you like and clasp the Ball Chain anywhere.

  • Pure, Non-allergenic Brass from Turkey and Israel
  • Genuine Crystal
  • Handmade in Canada