Vicious Vik Flat Braid Bracelet with Shackle - Sky Blue/Slate Grey

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Why is that the bad guys always get the women? We have no idea how they do it, we just know that this cliche applies to our friend Vicious Vik. He keeps breaking hearts with his merciless charm. It would almost be admirable, if he wasn't so cold blooded. You better stay on his good side. Vicious Vik's rope has a width of 7 mm.

Colour - Sky Blue/Slate Grey
Rope width - 7 mm
Rope type -Flat braid
Shackle colour -Black
Shackle size - 3 mm
Shackle type - D-Shackle

Use a tape measure to measure the size of your wrist and select the correct size.

  • 17 cm: S/M
  • 18 cm: M (average size)
  • 19 cm: M/L