Stillness Self-Date Kit

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A self-date kit created for your Stillness—a multi-product gift set that tees up a night of aromatherapy, skin pampering, stillness, meditation and restorative sleep.  All products are multi-purpose to fit seamlessly into your evening routine, so you wake up feeling rested and restored. 

Stillness Kit Includes:

  1. Moment ~ Exclusive multi-purpose massage candle (115g / 4oz). This unique candle is safe to be poured onto skin once melted for hydrating skin benefits. Made with 100% all natural soy-wax, hemp seed oil and coconut oil.
  2. Release ~ Multi-purpose body wash (120mL / 4oz) - shower / bath 
  3. Breathe ~ Multi-purpose mist (60mL / 2oz) - face / linen / atmosphere
  4. Exclusive meditation playlist for stillness and relaxation ~ partnership with award winning emotional health app, AURA
  5. Self-Date Kit Manual ~ A step-by-step guide of the evening experience
  6. Reusable bedside coffee table book aesthetic box

All products are recommended to use within 6 months after opening.