Crystal Intention Kit - XOXO

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This Crystal Intention Kit contains stones that have deep inner healing properties, heightening intuition and help to balance your emotions. Connect with your divine feminine energies and ward off those toxic emotions that block your heart chakra and help you focus on authentic self-love. That old adage is true: you can't love someone until you love yourself.

Use while meditating to help promote inner healing or place under your pillow to help make that love you dream about happen IRL. These stones work especially well when incorporated into your self-care rituals so treat yourself.

Rose Quartz

The love stone. Emits vibrations of unconditional love, joy, warmth and emotional healing.


Aids in a clear mind. The master healing stone. Purifies your aura and space.


Awaken your feminine energies and bring in the calm. Look to this crystal for a boost of sensuality, and bring out that inner goddess.


Sunstone helps to build confidence, and allows your real self to shine.

Designed and made in Canada.