Crystal Intention Kit - Witch Betta Have My Money

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Attract abundance, money, luck and more financial opportunities with the Witch Betta Have My Money Crystal Intention Kit. Set your intentions to focus and channel your energies, clearing a path for all good fortune to come in.

Keep these stones in your workspace at home, in your purse or pocket, or while meditating during your manifestation rituals.

Green Aventurine

One of the best stones to attract luck, money, wealth and success. Brings prosperous opportunities your way and is thought to help you make better monetary decisions.


Your lucky charm. This stone dispels any self-limiting thoughts blocking you from attracting money and wealth.


The Merchant's stone brings wealth and abundance by clearing all of that negative energy making room for all the good stuff.


Attracts the energy of wealth and abundance. Will shield and protect you from those negative vibes and radiates optimism and solid grounding energies.

Designed and made in Canada.