Crystal Intention Kit - Keep Calm and Breath On

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This Crystal Intention Kit contains four powerful crystals that activate your metaphysical abilities and help you reach higher planes. They promote purity, release energy blockages and will radiate your light energy from within.

Use while meditating to help you clear your mind, place by your bed for relaxation and a more restful sleep, or pick them up whenever you feel unbalanced. This must have kit is also a great starter set for anyone who is new to collecting crystals.


A stone of protection and intuition. Protect yourself from negative energy. Guide important decisions.


Aids in a clear mind. The master healing stone. Purifies your aura and space.


The poet's stone. Helps with expressing oneself. Encourages logic and self awareness.


Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, this stone will clear energy blockages and let everything just flow.

Designed and made in Canada.