Crystal Intention Kit - Don't Kill My Vibe

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Shield yourself from negative emotions, toxic vibes and bad energies by keeping these powerful stones near you at all times. Think of these little gems as your sidekick that will protect you from all that doesn't serve you. This kit will always be on the lookout and guard you from anyone or anything that's up to no good.

Useful for those situations when you know you need to keep those boundaries up and your vibration high; also extremely powerful used during cord-cutting rituals or anytime you know you need to walk away from a bad situation.


Onyx helps to stomp out those unwarranted fears and negativity giving you the confidence to be bold, and make mistakes.


Fluorite will shield and protect you from those negative vibes. It radiates optimism and solid grounding energies.

Smokey quartz

Smokey quartz is the spiritual band-aid for emotional wounds, and helps you release negative emotions.


Absorbs negative feelings, and releases disharmony in your life.

Designed and made in Canada.