Core Precision V-Neck Tee - White

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Be at your best with EQUMEN's V-Neck style. Engineered compression fabrics and ergonomic design optimise health and well-being, street to sport. HELIX-MAPPING technology builds in physiotherapy techniques to:

Improve Posture: Gently pulls the shoulders back to enable optimal alignment. Proper postural alignment is known to facilitate oxygen-flow for enhanced energy.

Help Reduce Back Pain: By correcting posture and supporting the core, allows the muscles to exert less effort in supporting the weight of the body, thereby relieving pain in the back.

Visibly Streamline: Second skin fit and targeted compression visibly slims for a more tailored look.

Control Temperature: Targeted mesh, moisture-wicking fabric and anti-microbial properties ensure you stay dry and comfortable all-day.

Enhance Circulation: Helps to support healthy blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery.

The V-Neck is ideal:
Underneath button-down shirts or Polo's as core wear
For extra shoulder support, in any weather


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The shirt will feel quite tight at first. However, it will self-adjust as your body warms the garment and, after a few minutes, it will offer a very comfortable second-skin fit. Despite the snug fit you will not overheat as the moisture wicking and targeted ventilation will help to keep you cool. Please keep in mind that it is necessary for the garment to be of a tight fit in order to provide body-improving benefits.

Technical Details:
Seamless zoned compression
Flat-locked, heat-sealed seams for durability
Flexible underarm construction for full-range of motion and comfort
73% Polyester Cationi, 13% Nylon, 14% Spandex

Machine wash cold
Lay flat to dry