Forte Water Repellent Backpack Full Opening - Black

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The sophisticated form employs a one-action, fully open Dulles structure. A futuristic backpack that strongly supports mobile workers on and off.

FRAME: A new sporty and casual Forte series from the label FrameWorks that incorporates the mouth frame (frame) of the opening used in classic bags in a contemporary design.

Material: The main material is composed of different materials such as nylon, which gives the texture of a natural material, and artificial leather, which has a matte texture. Enhance the uniqueness of the design.

Hanging tablet storage pocket: Protect your mobile device from shocks with a centrally located hanging pocket.

Back: Back pad in one-piece shape for comfortable use. The groove in the cloth acts as a way for air to escape, releasing the stuffiness caused by close contact with the body.

P frame: By using a P frame (Protect Piping), a beautiful three-dimensional silhouette is maintained.

Water-repellent: Surface fabric with a water-repellent finish. Protect your important documents and mobile devices from sudden rain. It is safe even when you go out in the changing weather.

Urethane pocket on the backside with jump-out prevention belt.

Many pockets ideal for storing small items outside the central urethane pocket.

Four bottom studs are included on the bottom to reduce rubbing and dirt that occurs when contacting the floor etc.

Carry-on function is convenient for long-term trips and business trips.