Celeb Style: Lenny Kravitz

Men who are confident with their masculinity can get away with wearing more feminine pieces and still be sexy. Lenny Kravitz is going through a boot and scarf phase, two pieces that are usually reserved for the ladies. However, he still oozes masculine sexuality. Which explains his reputation as a rock and roll ladies’ man.

After five platinum albums, he’s got the creativity behind him to back up his totally individual and eclectic look. Even if you don’t have a platinum album you can still get his look.

If your wardrobe doesn’t have Lenny’s rocker look already, start with skinny jeans, a good leather jacket, and some basic tops including t-shirts, undershirts, and casual button-up shirts. To take it further, add some neutral scarves, aviator sunglasses and simple accessories like dog tags, rings, or a really nice pair of leather boots.

Over the years, Kravitz has reinvented his style many times. he’s tried everything from fur, dreadlocks, leather, heeled boots, and lots of rocker blacks. Even if you don’t like his current style, he shows us that men don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes and try things out.



He’s had his questionable fashion moments, like the time he wore these leather boots with a wedge heel. He’s not the first rocker to use shoes to gain height, though.

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